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  • collectionHello, welcome to ace shelves! 王牌中国| 王牌海外

    King Display is one of the leading brand in boutique storage shelf industry, we ,the proud brand belong to Shenzhen KING DISPLAY Commercial Equipment Co.LTD . So far, our service has been covered over 1000 chin cooperation in global market , tota

    Ace shelves create the first brand shelf industry

    Ace shelf depends on the company strong production capacity, and many of the nation's service outlets, to provide clients with nanny after-sales service. 24 hours of rapid response, to provide you with powerful technology and product support, thoroughly solve your worries.

    • Our advantage
    • Independent R & D design and production
    • A wealth of design experience Pharmacies
    • Excellent R & D team
    • Can open the VAT invoice
    • Our honor
    • 10 years of brand reputation
    • Testing authority
    • Dorian international standards
    • Our support
    • Site design support
    • Customized product supports
    • A large number of customer support
    • Business Support

    Ace official WeChat shelves

    • Service hotline: 400-686-0004
    • Service time:From Monday to Friday9:00~17:30

    Copyight @2015深圳王牌货架科技有限公司版权所有.ALL rights reserved.技术支持:智赢安邦

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